I started Bullet Journaling at the beginning of the year, and so far, it’s still going strong. Pretty much a habit by now. I should write a longer post on that and how it’s impacting my life, but right now, this is about all the other daily/weekly habits I want to add to my life based on the success of that one thing. You ever heard the line “How you do anything is how you do everything”?

If I can bullet-journal daily for four months now, I can certainly write every day. And code. And go to the gym. Take pictures. Dance. Eat right.

Maybe I won’t succeed in all of them, but the capability is there.

Your options aren’t just stop or go, you can also turn left or right or do that thing where your front tires aren’t moving and the back tires are drawing circles on asphalt. You always have more choices than you think you do.

There’s this thing — I think it must be some sort of a disease — where you know objectively what the right thing to do is, but then for whatever reason — usually guilt or cowardice — you choose not to. It’s a disease alright, but because it affects the majority of the populous, it becomes invisible. On the AI algorithm system that’s meant to report suspicious behavior, it appears normal. Stealth. Under the radar.

The more you experience the human condition, the harder it is the comprehend. It’s like some sort of optical illusion designed to keep you busy — to distract you from the things that really matter. Here. Here. Look. It’s all about control.

Dictatorships have been doing it for centuries. Give the people entertainment so they don’t focus on things that really matter. Lower education. Limit information. Censorship is a form of control.

I watched ENEMY(2013) two nights ago and the film is still very much in my head, clearly.

I took this picture last night in a part of town I wasn’t very familiar with. I was looking for an ATM because I didn’t have cab money and when I turned a corner, I saw this woman standing. For a split of a split second, I thought she was real. I thought there actually was a woman standing there in the shadows, looking at me — presumably trying to give me some food. Or poison.

Just before that, I was in a 7-Eleven — they usually have ATMs in there — but his one didn’t. So I asked the cashier if he knows where I could find one, but the guy just shook his head, didn’t even bother with a proper word answer. On my way out, I held the door open for this nice middle-aged aunty, and wouldn’t you know it, she turned around and said — “If you’re looking for ATM, walk straight, and after the next block, turn left”.

I don’t know if she told me because I held the door for her, but I’m almost certain that she did. Not that it matters.

I’m writing this at seven in the morning because right after I got the ATM, and the cash, and the cab, I knocked out the minute I got into bedroom. Even though I had a text to send. Even though I had an e-mail to reply. Even though I had this to write.

I currently have 6% battery on my laptop, which means I have to get this post up before the battery hits 1%. Sometimes, these daily blog posts feel like a chore, yes, but I need the routine. The discipline. One part exercise in prose, one part life-marker.

Most days, when I don’t write, I can’t tell Monday from Tuesday from Thursday. Writing makes me remember, but more than that, it turns me into an observer. I notice and remember and do things because I know that at the end of the day, I’ll need something to write about.

I don’t do New Year Resolutions, but since the January, I’ve kept a Bullet Journal and it’s really fun carrying that around. I can’t say for certain whether or not it’s made me more organized, but it always amazes me at the end of the month when I go through it seethe amount of shit I got done.

There’s a scene in the Veronica Mars movie, she’s at an interview and they’re listing all her credentials: “PI license by 18, majored in psychology in college…” bla bla bla (I don’t remember) and then they asked —

"…as a psychologist, what does that say about a person?"

Bullet journaling. Taking pictures every day. Daily blog posts. What does that say about a person?

My battery meter says 1%.